The psychic Cayce added a new dimension to the mental somersaults of humankind by learning self-hypnosis to access other dimensions that answered questions asked by people who could not do that for himself.  Looking over an astrological analysis of my own chart I learned a few things that no ordinary professional could have come up with.  The data also confirmed some of the impressions I gathered on my own over this life.  They matched.  There are so many ways of learning that make our journeys of existence on this planet worthwhile.  It all lies in the old attitude of looking at things….

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Aside from letting go of bad habits, it is useful to disconnect from people who present themselves as friends but turn out to be anything but.  The proof is in the pudding: a minor criticism gets twisted around because the person can dole it out but not take it.  Behind a mask of enthusiasm and niceties you usually find a hidden coward who never meant a word he/she uttered, always fishing for your weaknesses, insisting upon your incompetency deserved or not and extending sympathy where none is necessary.  I freed myself of one such person today.  Smiles!!!

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Every once in a while music enters my auric presence that hits a positive note.  The personal heartfelt music that the Gypsy Kings group has shared with us over the years have always lifted me up.  The virtuoso guitarwork as perfected over the generations combined with the unique voices of the Reyes has brought me many uplifting emotional moments in my life.  I herewith thank them for their contributions.

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In the early seventies I lived and worked with a group of artists in separate lofts housed in an abandoned factory building across from North Station in Boston, MA.  When I thought about Peter Gabriel’s original video shortly after he left the group Genesis, the memory triggered two artists, a poet and a sculptor, both trained at the Museum school of Fine Arts, who suddenly decided that videos were going to be a wave of the future.  Without further ado, they collaborated on teaching a video course.  Awestruck,  I wondered how two creative people, inexperienced in the new subject of video, would pull that off.  They had no such considerations.  Go for it, was their motto, while creating a new course that became successful.  And they were right.  Nowadays, no self-respecting artist with an eye on commercial success, would dream of launching their music on its own merit, without an accompanying visualization of what they want to convey in a tailor-made video.

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There is no definition for the phrase ‘perfection in action’.  It popped into my mind when a friend mentioned that the breakfast had cooked was perfect.  Jokingly, he then changed it to ‘almost perfect’.  Tastebuds differ quite a bit, depending on cultural background, a parent’s love or resentment when the food is delivered to the table and genetic make-up.  Vegetarians would probably resent the aroma of meat when it entered their nasal organ. So what is perfection then?  Close to it would be the sharing of food in a pleasant atmosphere devoid of negative undertones with some banter to give the nourishment some extra flavor.

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Ask Ayla

I would like to start a website offering information on different topics mostly related to functioning better in today’s confusing world.  Any feedback on the title Ask Ayla?  Thanks.

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I am in the world but not of  the world is a popular indication among people at a specific point in their search for their true self.  What does that mean?  Speaking strictly for myself, the observer steers my personality instead of the other way around, giving me a reversed objective on events, situations and people’s actions; in other words, it’s like functioning in a parallel universe while being physically in the middle of the human drama.

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Hello world!

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